Whether you’re designing your dining room from scratch or looking to liven up an existing space, the decor that you choose will make a big difference. Create a dining room that stands out from the rest of your rooms, or opt for an aesthetic that subtly integrates design details from other areas of your home, – there are many different options to explore when it comes to decorating your perfect dining room. These are our tips on how to get it right.

What kind of space do you want this to be?

Before you start decorating your dining room it’s essential to decide whether you are creating a formal or informal space. If your dining room is going to be formal then it’s likely to be fancier than a more casual design. So, before you begin make sure you’re clear on whether this is a multi-functional space or one that you’ll save for certain occasions.

Pick the right table

In a dining room, the table is the main feature and the key consideration will be that it serves the space well. So, look at the space you have and find a table that will fit enough people around it, without making everyone feel like they are squashed in. Do you want to have a simple, functional table or something more decorative in design? The shape will be especially important – for example, a round table is ideal for more intimate dining while a rectangle can make it simpler to host different types of meals, including a buffet.

Opt for a table that fits your aesthetic

You might be tempted to make a statement with the dining table but the best option is usually the one that works well with the aesthetic throughout the rest of your home. If your design scheme is quite traditional, a very modern table could be jarring.

Use the lighting to update your space

Statement lighting over a dining table always works well, no matter what kind of room you’re working with. This is a great moment to explore your creativity where lighting is concerned, whether you opt for something that looks like modern art or a more traditional chandelier type design.

Make the most of your walls

Dining room walls can have many functions, from expanding on your design aesthetic to helping optimise your experience of the space. For example, adding a large mirror to one wall in a small room can really help to open it up and make it feel more spacious.

Don’t forget all the extras

Sometimes the real delight in decorating a perfect dining room comes from all the details. That could be sleek chairs or a beautiful centrepiece that brings all the different elements of the room together. Placemats, tableware and glassware will also make an impact on the overall look that you achieve.

From statement lighting, to the perfect table, when it comes to decorating the dining room these are our tips for helping you to achieve your ideal space. Our range of Luxury Designer Tableware add style to your dining room table without compromising on usability.