Summer is a sociable time when we tend to vary what we eat (from tarts to BBQs) and where we eat it (dining room, lounge, outside). It’s a great time to get creative and explore all the options for dressing your table beautifully. If you’re looking to create some stunning aesthetics for your summer dining this year then these are some of the hottest tableware summer trends for 2022.

Coloured plates

It’s the time of year where the colour palette goes into overdrive with a broad spectrum of shades that suddenly make sense in the sunshine. Whether that’s bold yellow, hot pink, cooling green or a deep sea blue there are many more options for getting colourful with tableware at this time of year. One key tip is to make sure that you keep the tones coordinated so that there is a sense of consistency across the entire table – avoid clashing colours, for example.

Using charger plates

If you want to create a really different look with your tableware this year then try under plates. These come in a whole range of different shapes and sizes and you can use them to build in height and texture. Charger plates are also a great way to give your table a more traditional, or formal, feel.

An ice bucket holder

Whether you’re looking for a way to keep multiple bottles cool or to mark a sense of occasion, the ice bucket can serve many different purposes. Being able to simply reach to the end of the table for a refill can be glamorous as well as practical. However, ice buckets can take up a lot of space on the table and may also block diners from seeing each other. The solution? The ice bucket holder trend for 2022 – this is fixed to the end of the table so that your ice bucket is accessible but takes up little table space.

Glassware with personality

Glassware is an essential component for summer tables that are twinkling with candles or reflecting the sunlight – they can create a really magical detail. The key for your glassware in 2022 is to choose pieces that have real personality. That might be matching decorative water glasses or opting for an entire table where no two pieces are the same. Glassware is a great way to stamp your own personality on your tableware, whether that’s through vintage pieces or clean cut modern design.

A cooling carafe on a stand

It looks a little like the more decadent version of an office water cooler and supplies constant ice cold refreshment to everyone at the table. As the carafe is transparent you can add your favourable fruit or herbs to bring more colour to the table design.

Tableware trends for 2022 are colourful, experimental and offer lots of opportunities to enhance your dining experience. Our range of Luxury Designer Tableware add style to your dining room table without compromising on usability.