The decor is often in the detail when it comes to a home aesthetic. If you’re not looking to make big, sweeping changes to your interiors, or you’re just keen to find a way to bring more personality to a space without breaking the bank, then luxury vases are the ideal detail choice. There are so many options to choose from and so many different ways to enhance your home as a result. These are our suggestions for using luxury vases to bring your home decor to life.

A luxury vase is a small way to make a big statement

And you don’t have to bust your budget to own one either. From a one-of-a-kind piece that has been crafted by an artist close to your heart, to big, bold colourful options that are more easily accessible, there are so many ways to use luxury vases to bring more statement style to your home. Try a single vase in metallics or a bright shade in the centre of a coffee table, or use multiple vases along a wall or staircase to add some easy glamour.

There’s lots of room for experimentation

Because luxury vases come in so many options, you can really experiment with the end result that you’re looking to achieve for your home decor. That could be experimenting with different shapes, from cubes to spheres to traditional vase designs. Or it might be trying out different heights, from vases that are short and squat to those that are almost as tall as you are. Give yourself free licence to let your imagination run wild when you make your choices and see where this takes your home decor as a result.

Glass vases are very current

If you’re keen to use an on-trend piece to enhance your home decor then opt for a glass vase. This type of luxury vase is currently trending, whether that is antique glass, carnival glass or something sleek and modern. There are lots of advantages to using glass vases, including that they reflect the light and are the ideal display for whatever you want to fill them with. Glass vases can be a bold statement or a subtle, tasteful way to brighten up a dull corner.

Use planter vases for houseplants

Rather than using pots for your indoor plants, opt for a series of planter vases instead. These can be colourful and dramatic as well as protecting the plant inside.

Don’t forget the classic flower vase

It’s easy to get carried away with all the various luxury vase options on offer and forget the original: the flower vase. Whether in the centre of a table, on a sideboard or used frequently on surfaces throughout the lounge, a flower vase is a great way to bring some seasonality to your space through the display of different blooms.

We stock wide array of luxury vases and in a variety of styles so you can use them to enhance the interiors of your home.